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‘Women Lockdown’ is an intensely personal conversation about dreams, hopes, passions, but also things that weigh you down, stand in the way of everything you want or desire.

The tonality and approach remains beautifully intimate throughout as the narrative introduces us to five women. The authenticity with which their experiences are brought to life allows the film a universality that works most wonderfully in its favor.

The visuals are experimental, suffused with symbolism and metaphors, coupled with a background score that further amplifies the sentiment the narrative intends to convey. The emotion thus brought to life is honest and poignant, as the conversation, and the ensuing visuals, continue to flow with ease and seamlessness.

Directed by: Agata Nawrocka

Production: nawROCKa

Co-production: Dariusz Smoliński

Director of Photography: Dawid Gut

1 AC: Łukasz Gajdek

2 AC: Kamil Strojny Asystentka Produkcji, www: Jane Knap

MuA: Maja Sobańska

Set designer: Paulina Ramlau

Sound Design: Jakub Juchniewicz

Edit, VFX: Agata Nawrocka

Color correction: Oskar Pospolitak PSFC

Photos: Szymon Kawecki

KV: Kasia Smoczyńska, Igor Strosin

Insurance: Makonline

Legal Services: WB Law Wilczyńska Bruderek

PJM: Marta Jaroń

Audiodescription: Fundacja Mili Ludzie Marcin Halicki

Text: Przemysław Zdrok

AD recording: Studio Montażownia

Read by: Andrzej Leszczyński

Location: Łukasz Chrzuszcz, STA Studio, Julia Rutkowska, Aga Janowska, Adam Kutzner

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