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Visual Artist

camera operator, editor, motion designer

Our Work
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Nawrocka’s skills – which ones would you like to take advantage of?


From short to long film form.
From self-organization of work to close cooperation on the Project with the director. I listen, make suggestions and talk. Sometimes to myself, frequently to Adobe Premiere.

motion design

This means there’s lots of clicking to add character, aesthetics, beauty to express more strongly the idea told in the image and present it to the world. So, ease in Adobe After Effects!

camera operator

When you enter a room you probably see… a room. I see frames. Everywhere. I sharpen my gaze from object to object, just for fun. When I listen to music while traveling, I assemble frames from reality in my head.


I like story-telling. I’m fascinated by people, behaviors, light and shadows, which appear only for a moment. My little, wild hobby.

About Brooklyn
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Nawrocka, who art thou?


An energy volcano in my relations with people. On the set, energy translates into hard work, whilst in front of the computer it’s about focusing, creativity, and finding new solutions.


I am a masters engineer in Automation and Robotics. I’ve never worked in my profession. I have spent the last 10 years gaining film experience on film sets.
I’m self-taught in many areas.


But communicative and having common sense. It’s normal when you don’t control the time while working on a project. As well as the fact that my creative engines fire up after 5 pm.

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Weimaraner “Czort” - Nawrocka’s friend

My best buddy. She works with me and lives with me. And because this is
a personal website, so here, there is also room for Czort.


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